We live in an age when no-one has time. 
Average viewers spend between 3 and 7 minutes on an internet video. 
Advertisers get whole stories into 30 seconds.
Reduced Shakespeare squeezed the bard’s works into 70 minutes. 
Hamlet thought brevity the soul of wit and the Japanese that haiku was the highest form of art.

Can you join the masters and create a piece of theatre to bewitch an audience and make five minutes memorable?

It’s the ultimate challenge, and if you try there’s a world of possibilities.

Think what you can do in 300 seconds...

We are looking for emerging/newcomer playwrights, poets, spoken word artists, comedians, actors (who write their own material), physical performers…etc who have something different or interesting to say and are looking to get their work out to a wider audience.

The selected forty companies will perform head-to-head over four heats competing for eight places in the Grand Final. The eight winning companies will be joined by four ‘Audience Vote’ winners and these twelve will battle it out on the last night to be the winner of the £200 prize.

There are only 2 main rules for entering this Festival – that whatever you submit must be less than 5 minutes in length and it must have a narrative thread.

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