Does the entry have to be a completely new piece?          

No, we like to have a mix of both new and existing published work.  So if there is a well-known short play that you would like to try directing that is fine (subject to confirming performing rights). Alternatively, if you have a piece that is in the early stages of development – that too is also fine.

Can my submission be another performance genre such as poetry, musical theatre, physical theatre or devised theatre?

Yes, we accept entries from all performance genres. However for non-dialogue pieces we would need to see a basic script and if possible a DVD recording of the show or previous pieces performed by the company.

I am not resident in the UK but I have a script – can I still enter?

Yes by all means send us your script if you are not a UK resident. In previous festivals we have had entries from Spain, Portugal, Russia, France and America. Greater weight will be given to those submitting scripts from abroad if you have established links with producers/directors in the UK. However please bear in mind that we will not be responsible for arranging rehearsal venues, casting, travel arrangements, visas etc.

What happens if I’m offered a slot on the reserve list?

Not every show that applies to enter the Festival finds that it is selected, or it is able to take up the offer of a slot. Therefore the Festival’s Artistic panel select a number of shows that they feel meet their criteria and ask if they would be happy to be placed on our reserve list. Should a slot in the Festival come free, a company from the reserve list will be asked if they would like to take their place.