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Sky Blue Theatre Company is absolutely delighted and enormously proud to bring you
yet more new writing with the British premier of
The British Theatre Challenge - Act II

Join us for another incredible night of creative exchanges
as we transform 6 new plays from page to stage for just one evening. 
Laugh, cry, ponder and marvel at a diversity of exciting, singular stories from around the world.

From the company that brings you Britain’s prestigious international new writing festival, the British Theatre Challenge, comes yet another dramatically packed evening for one night only. You’d be crazy to miss.

‘Hugely impressed’ ‘First class’

Produced by Sky Blue Theatre Company and supported by writers internationally
 comes the premier of the British Theatre Challenge - Act II bringing us six unforgettable tales, exploring relationships and the strange and convoluted world we live in.

Line up

Quota by James Hutchison –
Dave Dixon is looking for a job on-line when he is interrupted by the Metro City Census Taker.  This is unlike any census Dixon has ever taken and when he’s asked whether or not he was spanked as a child he refuses to answer. That causes the Census taker to call for police back up and when Dixon finds himself facing jail time over a bag of sugar he has to make a moral choice between naming names and protecting himself.

Guilty by Pete Barrett –
Guilty takes Alice Golding one step through the looking glass into a bizarre courtroom scene, peopled by men, where she is tried for her many failures: her failure to get on with her own mother, her neglect of her children, her failure to find a job and contribute to the family budget, her failure to maintain her looks and figure and the consumption of an entire cheesecake in one go, thereby robbing her family of a Sunday treat and leaving them bereft.
 Of course there can only be one sentence: life.

About Michael by Peter Anthony Fields –
A first year high school English teacher meets with the school's administrators for what he believes is his mid-term job evaluation. However, as the meeting progresses, he soon discovers that the evaluation is actually an interrogation...

Threatened Panda Fights Back by Rex McGregor –
As the World Wildlife Fund’s poster boy for endangered animals, Ling enjoys a comfortable life full of adulation and all the bamboo he can eat. But when a rival species challenges him for the role, he risks losing everything

Mother’s Ruin by Michelle McCormick –
As new parents, life for Esther and Tom has become a continuous cycle of miscommunication and long waits for invitations that never arrive. Then one simple question threatens to change everything. 'Where's the baby?'

The Waiting Room by Steve Shapiro –
This is the place where you wait between lives. Barbara and Helmut arrive separately and must be assessed to see if they have fulfilled their pre-incarnation pledges, and while The Girl and Dinesh negotiate a better life next time. One of them is destined to make a mark in history.

Dates: Friday 7th April 2017

Times: 7:00pm

For tickets either call the box office on 020 7720 6897 or click here

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