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City of Angels


“3 Million people in the City of Angels according to the last census.  Easily half of them up to something they don’t want the other half to know.  Palm trees finger the sky and there’s enough sunshine to lay some off on Pittsburgh.  But that’s all on top. LA truth to tell was not much different from a pretty girl with the clap…”

Los Angeles in the late 1940s.  LA at its most salacious. Mist rolls in from the Pacific and long shadows are everywhere.

We meet Stone, a private detective down on his luck, scraping around for his next meal.  He’s approached by a ‘femme fatale’ vision in white, Alaura Kingsley. She needs him to find her step daughter, Mallory who’s disappeared.  Will he track her down through the murk of LA, or will he catch a bullet in the process? But that’s only half the story.

What follows is a delicious mix of the Film Noir world of ‘City of Angels’, fused with the trials and tribulations of the movie business in Hollywood.  Characters picked up straight from the cutting room floor of Hollywood, delivered with razor sharp Raymond Chandler-esque dialogue and all underpinned by an infectious jazz score.

Produced and performed by Rollers Theatre Company (a group of alumni from Durham University), who brought you 2017's 'Urinetown' and 2016's 'The Drowsy Chaperone'.

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Earlier Event: October 17
Later Event: November 18
Not: Lady Chatterley's Lover