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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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What do you do when you're in love, but your family despises your loved one? Where do you're loyalties lie, and who can you trust?

Shakespeare’s famous love story is renowned around the world for asking these questions, how answer them may have changed but is our emotional response the same?

The Stockwell Playhouse’s new production explores a more stripped back, aggressive take on the classic story. Rather than Verona being the beautiful Italian City State, it is instead a run down, dirty and forsaken place; stricken with poverty and misery. The ‘noble’ houses are near impoverished, angry and utterly trapped in their situation and only have each other to take out there frustration on. In this, our 'star crossed lovers' find themselves equally trapped by the social order and have only their famously belligerent families to rely on. However, in each other they find hope for their future and a possible way out of this nasty and brutal life.

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Earlier Event: July 29
Later Event: August 9
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