·          A performance slot at our venue within the time period given (see schedule). The participant must get-in, perform & get-out within their time slot. The nature of the Festival means that all shows must be available to perform not only on their allocated day, but also at Saturday’s grand finale.

·          A host to introduce and MC the whole evening.

·          A Technical/Dress rehearsal on the days assigned for each category (see Timings). As with the performance slot allocation, this slot is not negotiable. Please ensure all cast are available and that everything required for your performance is available. This will be your only opportunity to rehearse the show in the venue prior to your performance and will also be the time your work is filmed for the on-line vote.

·          A Technical Operator and Festival Manager will be present for your Technical/Dress rehearsal and performance. We do not allow outside technical staff to operate lighting or sound. Outside technical staff may not be backstage unless by prior arrangement.

·          Full administration including Publicity, Box Office and Insurance.

·          Substantial discounts on our normal rehearsal room hire rates.

·          Bar discount cards for all nights of performance.


We do have a preference for applicants who are able to produce their own work on stage, but we do accept scripts that are not backed by a director/producer.  Please make this clear on your application form.