LOST Company is a new and dynamic theatre collective built on the 33 year foundation of the London Oratory School theatre company  with an alumni that includes Ralph Fiennes, Mackenzie Crook and Dennis Kelly

In 1982 it found a home in Fulham Broadway before moving to its current location at the Stockwell Playhouse. Initially forged as a springboard for emerging young talent the LOST Company now seeks to promote and encourage performers of all ages with a focus on the 16-40s and providing showcasing opportunities for theatre graduates cutting their teeth in the industry.

The LOST Company create productions ranging from commissioned new writing to published work with a desire to produce a professional standard of performances and theatre practise, utilising the collective creative team and facilities afforded to us by the Stockwell Playhouse.

 LOST company offers its members the chance to perform on one of the best fringe spaces in London.  At the LOST Company our motto is that you have the right to succeed, the right to fail, but above all the right to try.



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